“Berned” by Bernie Sanders


If you are handicapped, this person can tell you which candidate really cares about YOU

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Last fall, a fellow disability activist and close friend of mine introduced me to Bernie Sanders. From the moment I first heard his platform, I was hooked. After living abroad several years in a country with socialized medicine and heavily subsidized education, I was thrilled an American politician was proposing these policies here. Due to my own disabilities, the cost of healthcare has become exorbitant and becoming chronically ill forced me to leave my career in public service litigation to collect meager social security benefits. So, Bernie’s message resonated strongly with my own personal experience of being in the 99%.


I was so moved by his message that I began volunteering for the campaign, be it through phonebanking, texting or simply bringing his message to everyone I knew. I believed so strongly in the change he could effect that I even donated more money than I could otherwise afford to…

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Wife hiding truth as Candidate is suffering Alzheimers

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A candidate running for President of the United States is suffering the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. His campaign paid his doctor to keep it quiet.
His wife is coordinating all activities, and his medication so that he can fulfill his dream of being President before he is no longer capable.
“The number of pills he has to take to keep up this pace is crazy,” she told a special friend and confidante, “but I have never seen him happier, with all the young people actually listening to him. He is usually very grumpy, but this campaign is helping him fight to maintain his temper.  I just hope he can make it to inauguration”
“But what about the People?? Don’t they deserve to know?” the confidante asked
“We will make sure that his VP choice is a good one. Someone that can take over immediately if necessary.”
“That isn’t what the People are voting for, though. You need to come clean. He should spend his final days happy, in a calm atmosphere. You have such a nice place and so many places you can take him for the day. Why do this?”
“You just don’t understand! He hates everyone in DC.  He hates everyone with more money than us,” she chuckled, ” which is funny, because  we are millionaires, too. He just doesn’t think we ever have enough. We put it all in my name a long time ago, when the doctor first noticed signs. It has been 3 years, so up until lately, it has been well controlled, and progressed slowly. Now, it is getting worse. Some mornings, I have to remind him to put his shoes on. We have kept with the frumpy look because it is easier on me. That way I don’t have to fix him up several times a day.”

There was a long silence. The women looked at each other. The wife had that look that you get when you know you aren’t doing what you think you should do, but are doing what your loved one wants.  The friend played with her napkin. The wife took another sip of her drink, cleared her throat, and then fell silent again.
Finally, the friend said, “What you are doing is wrong!  I could never do that to people who are putting their trust in him. How can you do that? I’m sorry, I understand you want him to be happy, but at the expense of the country?”

“It would mean so much to him. And look at how I will be treated. I will be the  President’s widow. I will get his pension and even Secret Service protection. You know, life is getting more and more dangerous with guns and drug addicts. Am I so wrong to want that kind of security?   . . . . . . . Please, I confided in you because I trust you”

“But you are asking me to lie to everyone I know and to support a man we know will not be President for long. How could you ask that of me?”

“You say anything, and I will deny it.  His doctor is unknown to everyone. There are no other records. I am going to help him reach his dream, and honestly, mine, too!  They wouldn’t DARE convict the President’s wife of bank fraud!!!  I need him to win to protect ME!!!”

Slowly, the friend got up from her seat. She shook her head, and stared at the wife. “You are living a lie, and so many people will suffer because of it. You really need to think about what you are doing.”

With glaring eyes, the candidate’s wife looked at her friend,  “You tell anyone, and I will see to it that your life is a living hell” she snarled through gritted teeth. “He wanted to do this in 2012 and everyone stopped him. He could have done it then. This is his ONLY chance!!! I haven’t stuck with him this long to end in defeat!

Taken aback, the friend stood up to leave. She shook her head again. “I see you have made up your mind. I still think you are wrong.”

“I thought YOU would understand!! Just get out, and don’t say a word!”

The friend walked out, confused, upset, afraid, and stunned. What should she do?  After several nights of restless sleep, she decided to confide in a friend. . . . . .